Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Small, Small World

Yes indeed.  Even smaller is my world lately, the one in which I stay home almost all the time for reasons I'll get into maybe next time.  But while I'm here I really, really appreciate the window Preston and I decided to add to the east end of our house last fall while we had it all apart anyway.  Through it comes a great breeze, which in the late spring is much appreciated since the air in the house is so stale after the long winter and chilly early spring.  Also, through it I have lots of things to see, like this guy at my window feeder:

Sparky gave me the feeder earlier this year, but for some reason I've had only this chickadee and a pair of purple finches who stopped by a few times.  Probably because I sit right here and my movement freaks them out.  Also appearing in my backyard:
Bunnyrabbits.  I almost can't walk across the yard without practically tripping over rabbits this year!  Myah doesn't even really bother to chase them, and they know it.  Sometimes she makes a halfhearted attempt, but they are much too fast.
Speaking of small things, I did finish some of the molds I was painting:
I decided to make a set of three in baby colors, so there's a pink, a blue, and a yellow.  The outer ridge that you can't see is sage green.  Then when they were done, maybe because of the years of ceramics I took when I was in my late teens, they seemed to just BEG to be antiqued; blue seemed to be the color to go with, and I'm happy with the result. I sprayed them with acrylic sealer (these were NOT painted with the enamel paints, just regular acrylics), then mixed some blue with some grey and a little white, and thinned it out and voila, antiquing.  I have some started that are sunflowers, which I will antique with brown, and some that are red which I will antique with black; those are part of a larger project I've only just started, more on that later.
I have several large jobs to do which required me to purchase enormous amounts of fabric; while I was shopping, I decided it was time to replenish my stash of fabrics suitable for ribbon shirts so this happened:
Now all I have to do is find the time to actually make shirts.  They've sold really well this year, and I only have two left.  But first things first, got to catch up on the orders!
Nothing to report on the refinishing front, although I did finally finish a project 30 years in the making:
In my defense, it wasn't MY project; when my dad remodeled their bathroom all those years ago this was the last thing, these wood pieces and columns on the half-wall.  I'm not really sure why he never finished it, the spindles were in the closet and the two wood pieces have been sitting loose on top of the half wall ever since.  I guess he just moved on to other things.  I can understand that, that's probably where I got it from.  Anyway, I sanded, stained, and poly-ed, and Sparky was pretty happy to have it done!

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