Friday, July 19, 2013

The Garden is Doing Fine Without Me.

And I say that only because during the day it's too stinking hot to stay out there for long, and in the evening the mosquitos make it impossible. Look at my teeny, tiny cucumber though!  All my plants have little veggies on them, and yes, I know, people grow this stuff all the time but as I am not the sort of person who spends countless hours and money on her garden, I'm always impressed when stuff actually grows.  This year I didn't even get around to buying any fertilizer, but things seem to be going along very well in the garden without it.  I never use any pesticides, but so far this year the bugs have been minimal.
I did spring for some hay, and it's all mulched and looks pretty (yeah, I know that's not the point of mulching your garden, but it's a bonus), and smells of hay which I love.  Here's the potato experiment, going quite well also.  Preston says that's a lot of work to go through for a few potatoes, but I'm hoping it'll be more than just a few this year.  The stacks are now 4 tires high, and that's as high as I'm going because to shovel more dirt into a stack 5 tires high even seems like to much work to ME.
Still working on the table, although it's Powwow time so it's been forced to take a back seat for the time being.  This was a disappointing experience with painter's tape, it's not supposed to bleed under the edges but clearly it did.  Fortunately, in a RARE show of foresight, I had set aside some of that pale green paint (It was a color I had mixed up myself) just in case this might happen, and I was able to touch i all up so all that featheriness is gone now.  Once I took the tape off and looked at those stripes, I realized they needed to be a little fancier, so as you can see I've marked off squares so I can do the checkerboard thing.  I'm going to use the dark brown I used for the apple seeds, black seems a little harsh for this project.

And now, off to my real job for a little while.