Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not much changes around here... that must be why I never remember to post. Can not believe it has been since August! As I said, not much has happened. HopArts came and went with not much excitement. The weather was lousy, and once again they had my location marked on the wrong street. But I got to hang out with Carol all weekend, which is always a good time! Thanksgiving with my parents Sparky and Crash was nice, low-key and nobody left the yard. Most of the conversation centered around PJ and Kaela moving to CA next year, so that was interesting.

Since there does not seem to be much about which to write of late, I have decided to appoint myself a movie critic. My son was a film major for a time, so I figure that qualifies me by osmosis. Plus, Ill pretty much watch anything. Except the Saw movies, no way Im going there. Ever. But we watch a lot of movies, so I have plenty of material to work with. Most of these will not be first run movies, but we have every movie channel known to man so theres probably something youve heard of but havent seen yet (forgive me, my apostrophe key is not working).

Crank and Crank 2 Im going to do these in one shot because if you like one, you will like both...and vice versa. I had heard of Crank but never saw it until just recently. The premise is that this guy, who I guess is some sort of hitman, has run afoul of the Chinese mob. They have injected him with a poison that will kill him unless he keeps his heart rate going rapidly. So in the search for his nemeses, he spends the movie ingesting caffiene, cocaine, whatever else he can find, having sex in public, and engaging in one car chase after another. While I know this SOUNDS like cinematic gold, I didnt love it. I have no problem with gratuitous sex and violence to a point, but thats all there is to this movie. Plus it looks like it was filmed by somebody following our hero around with a handheld cam, which I know was done on purpose but I found it really hard to follow. If you like Crank, then youll love the sequel. I watched it because...well, I dont really know why. Preston put it on and I was there so thats what we watched. I thought maybe the second time around it would get better. It got worse. Our hero has now, against his will, had a heart transplant and must track down his own heart while trying to keep his new artificial heart going with whatever electrical charges he can find. There actually were a few funny moments in this film, but not enough to make it a comedy. The rest of it was pretty much more of the same stuff we got in the first movie. Including the car chases and the sex in public.

If nonstop action is your thing, you might like these. They waste no time getting right to the chase, and it doesnt stop until the very last frame.