Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I don't even have to close my eyes... go to my happy place. This is a spot about 3/4 of a mile from my house, and it's almost like going to another planet. It's completely deserted (because it's completely posted "no trespassing") . The only thing you'll hear are doves, as there are always at least a pair somewhere around. It's just a huge, huge field bordered by woods. Right now the field is filled with Queen Anne's Lace. Usually when I go there it's almost sunset so I brought my camera with me trying to catch a glimpse of how stunning it is, with the sun going down behind the trees. But of course I've failed, because things are never as impressive in my pictures as they are in real life.

As I said, it's posted so I don't go in the field. But outside the field is just as interesting; it's populated by more queen anne's lace, beautiful goldenrod, tansy, juniper, bayberry, and a whole encyclopedia of wildflowers I can't name. And bushes with big fat red berries I also can't name. But I was delighted to discover the bayberries, and as they are next to the road I figure they're fair game. There may be enough there to make a candle, but it's hard to pick berries seriously with the branch in one hand, a bucket in one hand, and a dog leash in the other hand, while trying to avoid being completely wound up and knocked over by the impatient 90-lb dog at the other end of the leash. So I settled for about 1/2 cup of berries, and I took them to the store and put them in my tart warmer. The light bulb under the cup (because my brain can't remember to put out candles, I have to use an electric one) was not hot enough to melt the wax off the berries, but it IS hot enough to make them release their scent. So now my shop smells of spicy bayberry! Sure doesn't take much to make me happy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

It never ceases to amuse me...

...what a diverse parade of people I get to meet in my line of work. Among the customers in my little store I have policemen, firemen, miltary personnel of several branches; I have an art teacher from the 'burbs and a teacher who works with the mentally challenged in the city; I have bikers and soccer moms; I have the self-professed "gardener to the rich and shameless" LOL; Christians and pagans, gay and straight, black and white and everything in between. I have a man who guides hunting trips in Alaska and shoots bears as big as Volkswagens (I've seen the pictures!); A caterer, a stonemason, a well-known local musician, and a man who gave me a fascinating history lesson about where Cajuns come from. I even have the reigning County Fair Queen.

And then there was today.

Today as I was working and pondering (as I have been for several days now) an especially unpleasant situation in my little life, in walked Lady Amazon, resplendent in tie dye, tattoos, and cool jewelry. She said she had driven by the store several times and always meant to stop in, but chose today to do so even though she was dreadfully late for work already. Well within minutes of a conversation you might expect from two people who had never met before, the subject somehow turned to the exact thing that was troubling me. I'll never know why or how, because we were just talking about her tattoo (which is really, really impressive!). It gave me goosebumps (no, not the tattoo) and I couldn't help but think she showed up for a reason. So I proceeded to tell her my stupid little tale of woe, (which ordinarily I never would do to a total stranger) and just as I hoped, she helped me clarify it in my mind.

Anybody who doesn't believe things happen a certain way for a reason, should have been a fly on my wall today. It was the weirdest thing to happen to me in quite some time but I'm so glad she decided to stop in!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mary and Laura Ingalls....

...were never as cute as these little blue-eyed beauties! Their grandmother commissioned me to make them prairie dresses for their hometown's upcoming 175th anniversary parade. It was a hot sticky day (again) when they came for their fitting, but they were just such good sports about trying on their dresses!

I have been just swamped with projects that all have to be done by mid-August! How come everything happens at once? I also have a little sundress and head garland to make, a Victorian vest for Josh the artist ( he's going to paint a self-portrait in Victorian garb...I already made the shirt), three ribbon shirts for the powwow this coming weekend, and another fancy regalia for Bella similar to this one that I just finished:
Only in shades of purple. I have only managed to progress through the design stage, and it's supposed to be completed by Friday. Good luck to ME.