Sunday, September 15, 2013

Potato Tower FAIL...

...sort of.  I grew my potato plants four tires high, and when the time for the unveiling finally came I dismantled them one tire at a potatoes.  Not until I got to the bottom tire of each tower were there any potatoes, and the ones that were there were very small...some barely bigger than peas!!  We called them "pea-tatoes".  I kept them, as there were a bunch of them, we'll see how they taste.  Had the larger ones last night, and they were delicious.  But what you see here is all there were!  No more than if I had just stuck the sets in the ground.  Very disappointing.
this was not even the smallest of the small.
BUT, while the potatoes were less than I expected, I
did get one monstrous butternut squash!  That sucker is over a foot long and weighs 5 pounds.  There are a few smaller ones out there, but I'm hoping they'll get at least a little bigger before I pick them.  We also have loads of tomatoes, some of which are even ripe.  All in all, the garden was not great this year but I'm hearing that from everyone else too so it's not just my brown thumb.  So next year I won't do the tire thing, I'll just grow the spuds in the ground. But I borrowed some tires from Frank for this project, and now for some reason he won't let me return them!  So now I'm stuck with them.

Speaking of Frank, he's been helping us with the house project, thank goodness.  Here he is threatening to put Preston out of his misery.  Those chimney blocks weigh about 85 pounds, and we are now at the point where we have to lift them over our heads.  I have no idea how that's going to work, but Preston has a plan, I'm sure.  I hope.  No, I have faith in him.  He knows what he's doing.