Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I was very difficult to buy for this year. Preston kept asking me what I want, and I kept saying, "I'm good". Which, while really not helpful, was actually true. Through the miracles of medical science, I got to keep both my Mom and my dog this year! What more could I want? I feel very blessed. Plus I got to see my son; with 3,000 miles between us that doesn't happen very often.

I finally put up a sort of a tree a couple days ago. It's the fiber optic one I had in the shop. Neither of us could justify spending all that money on a real tree, even though we prefer a real one, when after Christmas I immediately start itching to get it out of the house. The house is very small, and a tree in the living room takes up a large amount of living space. So I brought this one home and plugged it in. Little did I know that it not only lights up, but it rotates, a situation I found completely unacceptable. Besides it freaked Myah out. So since there was no on/off switch for the rotating aspect, I unplugged it and hung a string of lights on it. That's it, no ornaments, no angel on top, nothing. Well there are a few candy canes on it now but that's it. Really I just put it there to have someplace to put the presents because they just looked strange sitting in the corner with no tree. But I think it looks nice. Especially with Myah under it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Skating Away...

...Not like there aren't other things I should be doing!! I got these last year at a yard sale, big score for me!!! A big box of ratty old skates. You know what they say, about one person's trash.
I've been doing these for years and they seem to be really popular. It gives me an excuse to use glitter (!!) and a purpose for all sorts of odds and ends of glitzy trim. They may start out ratty, but they end up looking like this
Or if I'm feeling really tacky, like this one I made last year:

By the way, I still have it. So what does THAT tell you? Sooner or later though, much like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, someone will come along who appreciates it in all it's tacky charm and give it a good home.

Like I said, I got these last year and they've been sitting in a box waiting for me to be inspired as to what to do with them. Last week I had an order for one specific one, and when I went to dig it out of the box to paint it, inspiration just reached out slapped me upside the head and out they all came, suddenly each with its own purpose. Funny how that happens sometimes.

So this week I have been trying to paint and glue and glitter while trying not to get glitter in my computer, because in between skates I have developed a really destructive "Words With Friends" habit. If you don't know what that is, it's like Scrabble played on Facebook. So I have 4 games going with Sparky, a few with my sister, some with Preston, and a bunch with other friends and relatives. It's supposed to be keeping my brain sharp but I don't think it's working. If I was that sharp, I'd get off the computer and get some work done!