Thursday, March 4, 2010

It all started with this thing...

...which I found in a consignment shop, brand new with the tag still on the bottom. It came from Ikea. I'm pretty sure it's a watering can, but who's to say it can't be a pitcher? Anyway, I thought it was different, and really, REALLY red, so I bought it. Several years ago. And Ever since I've wondered what to do with it. It seemed to me that it needed to be used as a gift-basket thing, but what to put in it? Gardening stuff? Too obvious, and it's really not very big.
At some point, I came across a remnant of apple fabric, which i thought was really cheerful, so as I have a thing for remnants, I picked it up. When I brought it home I set it down next to the watering can. Hmmmm....And then today, while I was looking for a new doormat, this plain set of apple-green potholders and dishtowels SCREAMED at me from the shelf, and that's when it all jelled. A little applique', a little strip here and there, and another project is completed! Well, almost.